Our Story

Urban Table Culinary Arts was founded on the principle that cooking is a worldwide, easily recognizable, cross-culture skill that we all share. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what kind of background you have: we believe that cooking unites all of us in one level playing field. Everyone can cook, and everyone can learn to love cooking—but you will be hard pushed to find people who love their food more than us!

Our shared passion for the culinary arts led to an inspirational idea: what if we could share this joy and love we had found with others? What if we could throw kid’s birthday parties that centered around food? What if we could provide excellent team-building events through our mutual admiration of the teamwork it takes to work in a busy kitchen—what if we could make the life skills we learned in our years as chefs and share them with others?

Within a few short years, Urban Table Culinary Arts was formed with one unique concept in mind. We wanted to create a shared community space that revolved around the culinary world. We wanted to celebrate our cultures, backgrounds, and differences by way of a spoon, bowl, and chopping board. We would change the world, unite neighbourhoods, and provide a haven for the chefs of the future.

Our Future

When we started our mission, we had nothing but an idea and a goal. In a short period, we have grown to encompass new ideas and concepts. We have met people from all over the world, have hosted dozens of successful private cooking classes and kids birthday parties, and regularly get positive reviews for our unique take on team building days.

In the future, we still hope to expand one day. Our building with hireable space and cooking stations provides a great model for other communities to come together through a mutual love of food. For now, though, we are happy to bring culinary delights to Kirkland. Long may it continue.

In the meantime, we leave you with our motto to brood over:

“Food and Cooking are intertwined. They connect people and create memories. That is our core belief.”

Meet the Team

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Urban Table-Owners
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