Anna Wang

Cooking is the best way to show love. 

Anna was one of the founding members of Urban Table Culinary Arts, and she remains a pillar of our little community, to this very day. Anna’s motto is that cooking is the best way to show love, so she spends much of her free time involved in dinner parties and cooking for her family.

Anna was raised in the south of China, in a small community that was big on flavor. The Chinese have long since mastered the art of spices, using even the most minor pinches of something divine to create something even more incredible. Anna’s family had this knowledge in their very bones, and it was this knowledge that brought her to find Urban Table Culinary Arts.

Anna speaks the language of food. She knows how to interpret flavor, has an excellent palate, and shares our core beliefs that food crosses all borders. Wherever our manager Anna travels and whatever she is doing there, she takes tremendous delight in seeking out the best of local cuisine, tasting it for herself, and reporting back any delicious delights she finds on her journeys to the rest of the team.

Anna was raised on her mom’s boiled chicken recipe; and still carries the cherished memories of this fabulous feast with her today. Some of the most treasured occasions in our lives revolve around food, so perhaps Anna’s motto is correct. Food and love are hard to separate in the mind when it comes right down to the line.

As well as managing our space and facilities here at Urban Table Culinary Arts, Anna is a constant source of inspiration for her friends and colleagues. She brings great joy to the workplace, and whole-heartedly believes in our morals of sharing that joy through a mutual love of food. IT is people like our manager Anna that make Urban Table the friendly, warm, and welcoming environment that it is today.

Without her, we would be truly lost.