Mini Pastries Party

Every kid deserves an unique birthday party to remember that he/she is being much loved by families and friends. Urban Table would love to be part of the beautiful memory! Kids will be divided into teams to complete 5 different mini pastries to share with others, this is the most popular Birthday theme among kids, as well as parents! Take a look at the menu and you'll be so proud when kids finish the baking, decorating and plating the mini pastries! Menu includes:

  • Panda Cream Puffs

  • Panna Cotta and Truffles

  • Lion Egg Tarts

  • The Classic Tiramisu


 This Birthday party is recommended for ages 8-15.

All our parties include

  • Cooking/baking projects

  • One two layers, 8-inch round cake, with your choice of chocolate or vanilla flavor with whipped cream cream cheese frosting

  • Themed paper products and decorations

  • Birthday candles to celebrate

  • Bottled water for guests

  • Two or more chefs facilitating your party

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