Pumpkin Tarts

French Pastry

You will walk in the door to a table set with cupcake themed decorations, linens, plates, napkins, cups and striped paper straws, and a decorated cake with candles, activity sheets for the kids to decorate. What makes this party truly unique is your Junior Chefs will take over the minute you walk in the door; entertaining and teaching everyone how to create the delicious menu you see below.

This Birthday party is recommended for ages 5-15. Parties are 2 hours long, $520 is the basic price for up to 8 kids, additional kids are $50 each including all the ingredients, tools and cleaning fee. 


  • Macarons (Almond)

  • Madeleine

  • Crepes


  • Pastry batter making from scratch

  • Delicious fillings: buttercream (macaron), orange jam & frosting (madeleine), whipping cream/cream cheese (crepes)

  • Themed sprinkles and cupcake decorations

All our parties include

  • Cooking/baking projects

  • Themed paper products and decorations

  • Birthday candles to celebrate

  • Lemonade and/or bottled water for guests

  • Two or more chefs facilitating your party

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