Mixology 101

The essential components of a well-made cocktail work as a team. Different spirits, liqueurs, sweeteners and citrus merge to create one mouthwatering drink. Our cocktail team building is designed to highlight the team spirit by unveiling the mystery of mixology and showing your group how the components in a cocktail work harmoniously together just like your team. At the end of the session, you will see that each team member's strengths combine to accomplish your end goal.

Each session lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, and we recommend this for groups of 7-16 people.


What to expect  

  • Guide to tools, serveware, glassware and the music for drinks & cocktails

  • Hands-on cocktail making with professional instructions

  • Personal/group cocktail stations with bar tools

  • How simple syrups and infusions work

  • Master the art of layering cocktails

  • Garnish your cocktail like a pro


Package 1 ($85/person)

  • Aviation

  • Bourbon Strawberry Iced Tea

  • Kinston Soundsystem

  • Teal-quila Sunrise

  • Antipasto Platter

Package 2 ($95/person)

  • Aviation

  • Bee Sting

  • Sparking Rosé Margarita

  • Rainbow in Paradise

  • Antipasto Platter

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