Flower Arrangements

Moms Group Floral Arrangement

Being a mom is so hard! When kids are at school, please allow Urban Table to take care of you and your mom friends with good food and great vibe on a weekday morning. Our open and tucked-away space provides professional instructors for group cooking, baking and floral arrangement classes and even customized theme. It definitely will be a wonderful event for moms to social, chat, relax and recharge. We welcome all moms to host your social events at Urban Table!

This event is recommended for a group of 6-12.


Seasonal Bouquet 

  • Supplies Overview

  • Sourcing + Selecting Flowers

  • Flower Prep​

  • Organic Bouquet Style

  • Explore the Free, Hand-Held Technique

Terrarium Garden Workshop 

  • Good Selection of Diminutive Plants

  • Layer Your Own Terrarium Garden with Essential Components

  • How to Plant, Transfer and Take Care of Succulents

  • Tips + Tricks

Centerpiece 101

  • Supplies Overview

  • Sourcing + Selecting Flowers

  • Flower Prep

  • Recommended Flowers to Buy

  • Flower Arranging Basics

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