“I already booked the cupcake party for next year. The other kids insisted...”

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Let's hear what our customer talked about her experience of hosting the 6-year-old boy's birthday party at Urban Table recently.

The Dreaded Kid's Birthday Party

Being a mom is already difficult. Nobody is going to argue with that. Being a mum on your own? A little tougher. Being a single mom trying to plan a birthday party for a hyperactive six year old boy? As you can expect the predominant feeling in my chest was panic.

You see: there is a certain amount of pressure put on parents – not just single ones, but every parent. That pressure looms once a year when you are expected to make the birthday bash even better than the year before. Now it's much worse than when I was young. Now you need to invite everyone in the class or face their angry mothers at the PTA meeting... so now everyone gets an invite to Tommy's party.

I Struggled To Find Fun Venues

So, I started looking for venues just after his last birthday. At that point he was only five, he still thought trains were amazing and my brother bought him a puppy. Fantastic. Now I have a six year old and a dog to look after. But that's another story. The story I want to tell today is how I came across Urban Table Culinary Arts while I was searching. I called them, and the lovely lady on the phone says:

“Kid's Birthday Party? No Problem.”

Then she began to talk me through the options. They had all sorts of choices; from French Pastry making to Sugar Cookie decorating. The have Brunch parties for kids, cake makeup parties, cupcake or mini pastries, or Italian cooking parties – and all for little ones! I chose to go with making your own pizza. It was a huge hit... Though I think some of the kids had their eyes on the cupcakes.

The party lasted a full two hours for a fantastic price (I was so sure I wouldn't be able to afford it). We had an afternoon slot but they do different times throughout the day, and one after-school too. They are right in the middle of Totem Lake in Kirkland with a huge space that's just ideal for the kids. There are lots of cooking areas all set up – not to mention the instructors being so good with the children.