“I already booked the cupcake party for next year. The other kids insisted...”

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Let's hear what our customer talked about her experience of hosting the 6-year-old boy's birthday party at Urban Table recently.

The Dreaded Kid's Birthday Party

Being a mom is already difficult. Nobody is going to argue with that. Being a mum on your own? A little tougher. Being a single mom trying to plan a birthday party for a hyperactive six year old boy? As you can expect the predominant feeling in my chest was panic.

You see: there is a certain amount of pressure put on parents – not just single ones, but every parent. That pressure looms once a year when you are expected to make the birthday bash even better than the year before. Now it's much worse than when I was young. Now you need to invite everyone in the class or face their angry mothers at the PTA meeting... so now everyone gets an invite to Tommy's party.

I Struggled To Find Fun Venues

So, I started looking for venues just after his last birthday. At that point he was only five, he still thought trains were amazing and my brother bought him a puppy. Fantastic. Now I have a six year old and a dog to look after. But that's another story. The story I want to tell today is how I came across Urban Table Culinary Arts while I was searching. I called them, and the lovely lady on the phone says:

“Kid's Birthday Party? No Problem.”

Then she began to talk me through the options. They had all sorts of choices; from French Pastry making to Sugar Cookie decorating. The have Brunch parties for kids, cake makeup parties, cupcake or mini pastries, or Italian cooking parties – and all for little ones! I chose to go with making your own pizza. It was a huge hit... Though I think some of the kids had their eyes on the cupcakes.

The party lasted a full two hours for a fantastic price (I was so sure I wouldn't be able to afford it). We had an afternoon slot but they do different times throughout the day, and one after-school too. They are right in the middle of Totem Lake in Kirkland with a huge space that's just ideal for the kids. There are lots of cooking areas all set up – not to mention the instructors being so good with the children.

We Had a Blast at the Signature Pizza Party

Not only did the kids get to design their own pizzas, but the professionals then cook the pizzas for them and everyone gets to eat at the end of the party! Some of the parents stayed behind to watch the smallest ones (to amend my previous statement, you now need to invite everyone in his class, plus their brothers and sisters) and they were all suitably impressed. The whole atmosphere was just so fun. Tommy had a blast, which is what it was all about for me.

I'd really like to recommend Urban Table Culinary Arts as a great place to host your kid's birthday party. If you happen to like in the Kirkland area then there aren't many better venues offering something quite this unique. It is brilliant to think we have such a hidden gem right in the heart of the community. I really hope they take off and do well.

Free Cake!

One of the best things about booking this venue and the party through Urban Table Culinary Arts is that they provide a full birthday cake at the end of the day. They turned all the lights off, gathered everyone round, and sung happy birthday to make Tommy's day co