Introducing Mixology Team Building Themes, with Urban Table Culinary Arts

We here at Urban Table Culinary Arts are proud to announce the arrival of our tailored Mixology 101 course. We know that the perfect cocktail is just like the ideal team—with the right ingredients; it will all come together flawlessly. It was only a small step from there to creating our very own corporate team building mixology course.

Professional Cocktail Making as Corporate Team Building Events!

Our Mixology 101 corporate team building course has been specially devised with your team in mind. Not only is cocktail making an impressive, mysterious skill that your team can master—there is a delicate skill in adding just the right components to create something perfect. In the same way, as a team needs all parts to function, so do our cocktails.

With Mixology 101 you can bring the whole team together for a fantastically fun day of getting to know a cocktail shaker, learning how to layer drinks, glass garnishing to die for, and hands-on cocktail-making experience all under the watchful guidance from or experts.

Are you looking for something different to do with your scheduled team-building time? Mixology 101 provides the perfect answer! Classes are made to accommodate 8-25 team members, all working together to create something beautiful. Mixology is a transferable skill that takes a lifetime to master – and makes for one of the most hilarious corporate team building days for which you could hope.

What Mixology 101 Will Cover!

When you choose Mixology 101 for you and your team, you provide them with a 1.5 to 2-hour workshop inclusive of all teaching ad facilities needed. Your team will work at fully equipped stations, instructed by industry-leading mixology experts from Urban Table. Our corporate team-building exercise will see your colleagues and employees taught how to make, mix, and garnish the very best in drinks!