Kirkland's Urban Table Culinary Arts Brings a New and Tasty Way of Team Building

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

A new paradigm in team building has arrived in the Totem Lake of Kirkland. Urban Table Culinary Arts now offers a fun and unique way of bringing people together. When most organizations think of team building exercises, the first thing that comes to mind are "trust" activities and team competitions.

With the express mission statement, "to build a cooking space that connects people like never before", Urban Table Culinary Arts has turned old fashioned ideas of team building upside down and rolled them into exciting and delicious events that are fun for everyone. Urban Table Culinary Arts offers cooking and pastry classes that includes a wide repertoire of worldly styles. The choice of Spanish, Thai, Indian, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian and French cuisines means that there is no shortage of challenge and intrigue when it comes to your next group event.

How it all began.

CEO and chief instructor Ranita has always possessed a deep love of all things culinary. She decided to follow her passion and enrolled with Ferrandi, Paris to begin her professional training in world class French cuisine and Pastry. Thereafter, she interned at several Michelin rated restaurants around Paris and, following this, she did a stint at the world famous NOMA in Denmark.

Ranita and Anna met by chance when, in December of 2017, Anna attended one of Ranita's in home pastry making classes. Ranita was eager to share her knowledge of the skills she honed at the Ferrandi in Paris and Anna was so happy with the first class she attended that she signed up for more, and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Fast forward to October 2018; Ranita's professional culinary skills and deep Knowledge of what makes for a delicious dish combined with Anna's business acumen to form a truly unique Pacific Northwest institution: Urban Table Culinary Arts.

Corporate Team Building Events, Food Included!

What brings people together more than cooking? Think about it, when Thanksgiving and the winter holidays come around, everyone is generally standing in the kitchen, or at least very nearby because that is the center of the festivities.

If you want to put a new twist on your next corporate team building session, then contact the folks at Urban Table Culinary Arts. They have special packages for up to 25 people especially designed for corporate events. Their 2-3 hours cooking sessions will provide cooking support and even mixology training and what's more, at the end of your event everyone gets to enjoy a world class meal that they all helped to prepare.

Private Cooking Classes and Event Rentals.

Urban Table Culinary Arts also offers private cooking classes for a small group up to 12 people, and they rent event space so that people can host private parties. The real magic here is that Urban Table Culinary Arts provides a world class chef to help guide your group through the process and technique of making some of the world's most delicious dishes, as well as free parking and wide-open spaces which mean many unique options are available for your specific event.

Contact Urban Table Culinary Arts for more information.

All events can be customized around our clients' needs and requirements; whether you want to host a private party, corporate retreat, or kids' cooking birthday party, Urban Table Culinary Arts has the venue for you.

Building community and welcoming new friends is what Urban Table Culinary Arts does best. Even clients who had absolutely no cooking experience or confidence rave about the support and service they provide. If you want a memorable ice-breaker that brings people together in a fun and friendly way, then contact the folks at Urban Table Culinary Arts.

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