Make Your Next Team Building Event Fun and Effective with a Unique Venue.

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Team Building Events in a Fun and Original Atmosphere

Whether you have a large corporate team that you want to engage or just a small group of coworkers who want to re-energize, Urban Table Culinary Arts have the ideal event space for you. Urban Table Culinary Arts creates an entirely new and fun way for people to participate in group team building activities.

The Average Team Building Get-Away

The typical team building get-away has often involved going off the work campus to an industrial event space and participating in what could easily be described as an off-campus business meeting with catering.

The Urban Table Culinary Arts Team Building Get-Away

Team building at the Urban Table Culinary Arts venue offers an entirely new dimension of interest and engagement for all attendees. Urban Table Culinary Arts has special packages for up to 25 people that are specially designed for corporate events. Expertly designed three-hour meal preparation courses provide guidance and support from a world-class chef. You can even request a class in mixology training where you can learn to create some of the world's great drink classics and even invent some new ones!

Moreover, the best thing of all is that the result of your team building event is a delicious meal that everyone helped to prepare and that all can enjoy. This meal is the real magic offered by Urban Table Culinary Arts, the ability to engage a group of people and to create a cohesive team that directs its efforts toward a goal that is fun, challenging and rewarding for all. To be sure, your corporate event will be one to remember.

So, to put an exciting and unique new twist on your corporate team building session, contact us at Urban Table Culinary Arts. Our staff will be happy to assist you in the choice of venue, style of food, menu selection, and complexity level. Moreover, we guarantee that you will have fun!

Smaller Group Cooking Classes Are Available

Urban Table Culinary Arts even offer more intimate private cooking classes for 6+ people. With a wide array of event space available, hosting a fun first-in-class team event for a special few is easier than ever. Smaller groups are ideal for developing more complex meal selections. Let the magic unfold with Urban Table Culinary Arts world as our first-class chef’s guide your group through the process and technique of making some of the world's most delicious dishes.

Team Building Event Spaces, Contact Urban Table Culinary Arts for More Information.

Urban Table Culinary Arts offers a wide array of event venues that are sure to be a perfect fit for your goals. Our staff is highly trained and responsive to any client needs or requests. Also, they rent event space so that people can host private parties.

Building community and welcoming new friends are what Urban Table Culinary Arts does best. Even clients who had no cooking experience or confidence rave about the support and service they provide. We provide beautiful memories of bringing people together in a fun and friendly way!

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