New Ideas for Thanksgiving Cooking

Are you tired of roast turkey every year? Why not try something exotic? Here at Urban Table Culinary Arts, we know all about adding some zing to Thanksgiving dinner. Try some of our top tips for turkey alternatives this holiday season.

Spicing Up Thanksgiving Dinner

For so long, we have endured the tradition of turkey. Let’s be honest; turkey is a drier and blander meat than chicken! Instead of saving it for your once-a-year meal of choice, let’s see what else we can scratch up.

Try Italian

Why not eat Italian food for Thanksgiving dinner? If you have Italian blood, then this makes even more sense! In old Italy, fish is eaten frequently as a meat-free alternative to holiday dinners. Eating crostini, including gnocchi and replacing your bird with some rich veal or ox, is also typical Italian fare. Of course, besides the bread and pasta, you could also substitute the Italian holiday cake, panettone—a rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit, and butter.

If you are going Italian this year, then don’t forget that we run cooking classes for either individuals or groups. If you want to impress your new Italian in-laws? Look no further and contact us now!

Or Maybe Spanish?

Tapas is the absolute best way to celebrate any occasion. The food is placed in the center of the table, and people merely help themselves. A Tapas encourages sharing—of conversations as well as dishes—and leads to a fantastic Thanksgiving atmosphere. Some Spanish dishes might include spicy patatas bravas, quesadillas, and the boiled ham croquet are also on the menu!

Spanish dishes are about nutrition, freshness, and sharing, what better way is there to celebrate a family Thanksgiving feast than with small plates and loads of sharing?

What About Dim Sum?

The Chinese are globally renowned for their festiv