Thank You for All of Your Support

Our company has been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as our space has been forced to close. Because our business focuses on group activities like cooperate team buildings, kids’ birthday parties, and private cooking for small groups, we could not continue to operate with the city restrictions, which prohibited gatherings of more than ten people. That was announced in May, and the pandemic looks as though it will have impacts lasting well into next year.

The owners, Ranita and Anna, were still on the hook for rent, electricity, and other bills and wondered how to keep the business afloat. Still, we are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful community and eligible for grants targeted towards businesses in our situation. We have so far received three grants in total:

- Kirkland Small Business Relief Fund

- The Kirkland CARES Small Business Relief Fund

- Facebook’s Small Business Grants

Without these generous grants, we would not have survived, and we are immensely grateful for every one of them.

We express our sincerest gratitude for every bit of help and fortune that has helped us stay afloat, and our heart goes out to all other small businesses who are struggling. We know the desperation, hopelessness, and depression that has come with this pandemic. It has been crushing for many businesses. The community’s commitment has incredibly moved us to shop local and keeping small businesses afloat, and we hope this movement continues long into the future.

Our store is temporarily closed according to city regulations and for the sake of the employees and customer’s safety. We are looking forward to reopening the business next summer or, at the latest, fall. We will open with a renewed commitment to safety and hygiene and a commitment to serving our customers as well as we can. We cannot wait for a time when groups can once again come and use our space to celebrate events, spend time together, and learn how to cook delicious foods.

We are ready to see all the smiles on your faces behind the masks when we reopen, and we will bring back the best service ever as one of the survivors of the pandemic. Until then, please continue to support the local businesses around you. It has been an incredibly desperate time, and businesses are struggling to survive. Local businesses provide color to a community, and your support will always mean the world.

To everyone who has visited us before COVID-19, thank you so much for believing in us and backing us. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your time with us, and we hope that you will visit again once you can. We hold so much hope for what the future brings and want nothing more than to continue what we do best, providing excellent cooking classes, kids party experiences, and team-building events.

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