Top Tips For Corporate Team Events At the Coming Holidays Season

Looking for a corporate team-building event for the coming holidays in Kirkland but need it to be bigger and better than last year? Follow some of Urban Table's top tips for creating the perfect holiday atmosphere around the office – with a little help from your team event of choice. Let's dive in and find out what the best ways to make your Thanksgiving work event one to remember!

Make Your Team Event Matter!

So, what are our top tips for making the perfect team building day? Well it all starts with accessibility...

Tip 1: Everyone Can Attend

The more the merrier, right? Actually, this is about making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to take part. Excluding anyone – purposefully or otherwise – can result in office friction. Be sure everyone is involved in your team-building event or be prepared to deal with issues later. Entrepreneur have a good article on inclusion and making sure everyone has fun.

Tip 2: Choose Collaboration

Choosing collaborative team events instead of ones where colleagues are pitted against each other will really help form stronger team bonds. Competition is great – but too much and your teams will suffer under the pressure. The key to building teams that work is to offer them the chance to work as one unit. Pitting people against each other can be hilarious – but don't be over-enthusiastic with encouraging them to compete. Choose a collaborative event with a warm team spirit as the focus.

Tip 3: Don't Expect People To Give Up Free Time

It's a work event. Teams shouldn't need to give up their Friday or Saturday night for work. Instead, have your event during work hours. As a double bonus your attendance will be higher. Although team-building events are supposed to be fun, they shouldn't eat in to free time if you would like happy employees. See this article by Forbes for more information.

Tip 4: Do Something Different!

Don't choose conference floors or 'talks'. Don't choose 'nights out at the bar'. Don't go shooting each other with paint ball guns because it is just asking for a lawsuit. Instead, try something a little bit different. Put your employees into a situation they have never experienced before and see how they handle it. If you can find something that is indoors and relatively safe, then all the better. Go for fun, frivolous activities mixed with learning, collaboration and cooperation. These types of team events are not difficult to find if you know where to look.

Tip 5: Cook Up A Storm!

Group cooking experiences from Urban Table are a fantastic way to offer your employees and colleagues an awesome Thanksgiving experience. Here at Urban Table, we provide individually tailored group cooking experiences capable of hosting up to 25 of your peers. Learn how to cook in a fun, creative environment that might be just what you need to make some team memories. Cook up a storm at one of our specially tailored events and wow your colleagues with your culinary skills!

If you want to make a corporate event that the office will still be talking about in January; make it a cooking experience from Urban Table. Every team is unique - just like every course we offer!

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