What It's Like on the Group Cooking Experience at Urban Table

Here at Urban Table Culinary Arts we specialize in providing tailored and intuitive group team building events for all sorts of corporate occasions. We wanted to know if our delightful service was as good as it could possibly be – so we asked one of our groups if they would write about their experience for us. Here's what Lesley, Team Leader from one of our first ever day groups, had to say.

“What An Inspiring Experience!”

“I didn't actually choose this location. We tend to go farther afield than Kirkland when we are looking for places to host an event. HR made the decision and sent a memo. The bus picked us up from the office first thing. We were booked for the Italian Feast Menu which was going to culminate in a beautiful lunch. We didn't realize until we got there that we were the ones cooking it!”

“We are a 21 strong team all on the same floor. There have been lots of changes recently since they closed one of our departments and we amalgamated. I think they wanted to bring us together with a little team-building. It was a wonderful idea and, to be frank, we showed up expecting to be bored for three hours in a conference room somewhere.”

“When you walk in there are stations made up for each group, then you divide yourselves up to tackle the menu under the supervision of a skilled chef. I found this was a great opportunity to put the employees I was most concerned about into the same groups. It is always interesting to switch things around and find out who works best with whom.”

“There was just so much on the menu. When you first look at all the dishes you think there's no possible way you can get through them all. The team building comes with separating it all down into parts and coordinating cooking times so that everything is prepared together. There is a sense of unity and harmony in a kitchen when everything is cooking. That is the same feeling we want to emulate in the office. The way the professionals moved around each other in the kitchen, calling out communications to each other and delegating responsibilities to those that did it best? That's the way forward for creating agile teams in the future.”

The Food Was Outstanding!

“The Food was outstanding! Who would have thought that a team of graphic designers would be able to create something so delicious? I chalked that one up to the experience of the trained professionals and a little beginner's luck. Whatever the reason, it was really good, hearty, wholesome Italian food. We all left feeling stuffed for the rest of the day. The only bad part about the experience was that we had to go back to the office at 2pm and do another three hours work afterwards.”

How Would You Rate Urban Table?

“We loved it. Start to finish. I would recommend it to any HR department, In fact, two of the team members have put a request in to get the same experience next year. The Bar Food menu got them exited. I'm looking forward to it as well. Although next time I think I'll ask for an afternoon slot. Going back to the office that Thursday was tough!

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