Ranita He

Kitchen is the place you can be so creative.

Chef Ranita started life working as a laboratory analyst! Ever interested in the chemistry behind flavor combinations, Ranita began a food blog while still studying in College. After seven years of food blogging and with a successful scientific degree behind her: Chef Ranita He had amassed nearly 3.5 million hits to her site!

The combination of this success and of cooking being her first love was enough to spur Chef Ranita He back to her education, once again. This time, her focus was on food. She knew that there was a big difference between writing about food and truly experiencing it for herself, so she went back to the drawing board.

Ranita found herself in Ferrandi, Paris, where she mastered the skills and techniques of French cuisine. After systematically learned the basics, she went on to improve her culinary ability in different restaurants, eventually fine-tuning it in a Paris based two-star Michelin restaurant, which shall remain unnamed.

After this success, Chef Ranita went from strength to strength. She worked in NOMA/108 at Copenhagen, where her food was known for its influence from places like China, Denmark, Thailand, and—of course—France.

Nowadays, Chef Ranita He shares the Urban Table Culinary Arts belief that food crosses all borders and unites all peoples. She works hard for us, preparing intricate menus with the freshest of seasonal produce and the healthiest, most nutritious ingredients. After traveling the world to hone her culinary skills we cannot express enough how much we appreciate her presence on our team.

Chef Ranita is a ray of sunshine. She is well versed in kiddie-management and has a heart of gold. When you choose an event or party with Urban Table, you can be sure of the warmest welcome and Chef Ranita He is a shining example of the best of our team.